#6 — User-Generated Content

Part 1: Parody Video

Part 2:

By exposing me to a wider variety of issues and discussions, UGC has changed the way I view mainstream television. To me, mainstream television now seems to cover too narrow a scope in terms of social issues, often because mainstream media acts in the interest of their owners, be it the government or an individual, and thus they practice self-censorship. In Singapore, issues such as homosexuality and even racism are glossed over on mainstream media.

For example, Malays in Singapore are not given equal opportunities for advancement to higher positions in National Service because of concerns that they may betray their allegiance to Singapore due to their shared religion and ethnicity with other Malays from neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. However, this issue has not been covered by the mainstream television. On the other hand, there has been much user-generated discussion about it online.

Read more here: http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2012/01/unfair-discrimination-of-malays-in-national-service/

As such, because of UGC, content allowed on mainstream television now seems very restricted in comparison.