#1 — Introduction!

Hi everybody! My name is Rachael and I’m Singaporean. I studied at Meridian Junior College prior to this, and I chose to study psychology because I feel that as a social science, it bridges the sciences and the humanities together in an interesting and unique way. My hobbies include listening to music, contemporary dancing and surfing the internet. I am also passionate about learning languages, because it allows me to gain insights on the ways and cultures of people from backgrounds that vastly differ from mine. I am fluent in Japanese and have tried my hand at Italian, Korean and Indonesian.

It's kinda dim but it's one of the few pictures of me alone without someone else haha oops

It’s kinda dim but it’s one of the few pictures of me alone without someone else haha oops.

Some italian language notes of mine.

Some Italian language notes of mine.

More notes.

More notes.

And more notes.

And more notes.

This was in dance class earlier this year, i'm in the one in the middle (my face isn't visible).

This was in dance class earlier this year, I’m in the one in the foreground (my face isn’t visible).

Now, to answer the question of how BCM 110 would help in my future endeavours! I feel that the prevalence of media and its intimate relationship with people and communication makes media an inescapable part of the current human experience. And much like the media, psychology also has an intricate connection to the human experience as it deals with the scientific investigation of mental processes and behaviour. Since the media wields an increasing amount of influence over us, both individually and as a society, I believe that acquiring a better understanding of media through BCM 110 will aid in my future endeavours in this degree programme.

As we have evolved from being passive consumers in the previous generation to being active contributors to media in this generation, this change in the way we interact with the media has rendered our relationship with it mutually influential. As a student of psychology, it is vital that I understand this ever-dynamic relationship between us and the media because it greatly affects the human activities that I will be studying and attempting to understand. In particular, social media serves as a platform where users across the globe interact daily, and thus cannot be extricated from our understanding of human minds and behaviours in this day and age. Thus, I look forward to learning more about the “reciprocal relationship between individuals and media” (Rutledge, 2010) in this module.